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SAP Service Catalogue for the Consumer Products Industry

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Innovative design and optimal facilitation of business processes are significant success factors for consumer product companies. Process standardization on the one hand and process innovation on the other hand are becoming more and more important for your company's ability to be competitive in the market and gain additional market share. To help ensure sustainable growth and performance, consumer product companies must constantly innovate and adapt their products, processes, and business models.

SAP Services has proven success in the consumer product industry:

The industry-specific services accelerate your projects, mitigate the project complexity, reduce the project cost, and lead to a higher ROI. Our services address all key industry topics such as product innovation and introduction, trade promotion management, demand signal management, supply chain optimization, sustainability, retail execution, marketing, and sales.

Our SAP consultants have deep industry insight. This allows them to structure industry-specific core processes based on business best practices in the individual segments of the consumer products industry from nutrition through to the personal hygiene industry and fashion through to consumer electronics.

We help our clients to create value and orchestrate change through our unique and innovative spectrum of services

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