SAP for Healthcare

A Transformational Journey

Today’s unprecedented focus on the individual patient has led to breakthrough innovations in technology that are part of the transformation to cost-effective, higher-quality care across the healthcare industry.

For years, patients have used access to credible online medical information to become more sophisticated and demanding about their healthcare. They want physicians to have their most current information. They want to be involved in their care and they want to focus on wellness. They also want affordability.

Patients and physicians need innovative technologies to meet their needs. Industry drivers such as the need for cost-efficient operations and improved visibility and care coordination, are motivating healthcare companies to become best-run organizations by transforming their business processes. Every healthcare organization runs differently, so how does each one define what best-run means?

To run better, healthcare organizations strive to measure common key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics help them see how to reduce readmissions, medical errors, and the average cost per case while increasing staff productivity and patient and physician satisfaction.

By enabling KPI monitoring, today’s solutions and technologies help healthcare organizations demonstrate superior outcomes and measure the benefits of cost-effective, high-quality care.

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