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Take advantage of our Quality Assurance which will help you attain business benefits and goals while minimizing risks.

The concept of quality

The concept of Quality, and Quality Assurance, may sound like something we need to build into our projects since it is standard in the industry and represents good practice, but in reality, the Why and What of delivering Quality Assurance in the context of any project needs be carefully planned, communicated, and executed. At SAP, quality forms the fabric of what we are and what we strive to be as a company. SAP's focus on quality and our "global passion around quality in everything we do" is integral to the delivery and implementation of products to our customers. At SAP Services, we have compiled a comprehensive and integrated Quality Assurance Services program, under the ownership of a Global team (the Global Customer Quality Hub (GCQH)) that addresses the key aspects of what makes an SAP project successful.

The benefits of quality

SAP's quality portfolio is designed to deliver tangible benefits to customers and partners, including:

To achieve these benefits, the Global Customer Quality Hub closely collaborates with the regional organizations about the delivery of a comprehensive quality services portfolio. This global collaboration helps ensure consistency and the sharing of best practices across the globe. These services will help ensure the success of implementation projects by making sure they are executed with the highest level of quality, yet with minimal risk.
From a partner perspective, it allows SAP to act as a force multiplier to help improve the quality of their delivery.