Secure Business with SAP

At SAP, whose customers include the world's largest corporations, security has always been an important element for the complete product life cycle, including all product development, planning, and quality-assurance. The SAP Service Marketplace contains specific information for our customers, including the SAP Security Guidelines and Security Notes.

SAP Security Guides

The SAP Security Guides provide you with a collection of our guidelines and recommendations pertaining to SAP System security, from network security to industry-specific guidelines.

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SAP Security Notes

SAP Security Notes contain SAP's expert advice regarding important action items and patches to ensure the security of our customers' SAP Systems.

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SAP Security Optimization service

The SAP Security Optimization service is designed to verify and improve the security of our customers' SAP systems. It identifies potential security issues and recommends mitigation strategies.

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Security contacts in your company

SAP will address urgent security topics to the named security contacts in your company. By assigning the Security Contact authorization these users receive urgent system-security relevant information and updates per e-mail.

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Advanced Secure Support

The advanced secure support portfolio from SAP Global Service & Support (GSS) is designed to meet advanced security requirements of customers (e.g. in aerospace and defense, banking, insurance, high tech, and public sector) who have to be compliant with strict security regulations and specific data-privacy requirements.

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