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SAP's solutions are purpose-built for deployment anywhere in the world as our customer base in nearly 140 countries* proves. They also follow global best business practices, with specific functions and features to account for varying national tax laws, accounting laws, and manufacturing regulations in over 40 countries.

Our global service network will help you implement and run your SAP solution, wherever you are. With development centers, offices, and partners worldwide, we couldn't be better placed to help.

You can run all country versions simultaneously in the same system. And what's more, each user can log on in the language that suits them best, with nearly 40 languages to choose from. Please note that SAP NetWeaver Releases (i.e. releases following SAP NetWeaver 7.40) and products based on it will be Unicode only!

Finally, you can discover all new globalization pages with the guided tour (E-book, mp4 player required).

News and additional information:

The new SAP Localization Hub and Translation Hub are innovative approaches from SAP Globalization Services to offer localization and translation on the SAP Cloud Platform as independently consumable solutions which can be deployed in various environments. For more information about the approach and the solutions refer to SAP Note 2397764.

With the One Support Launchpad the Announcements of Legal Changes for SAP OnPremise products are now available via the Announcement of Legal Change application which provides an overview of the upcoming legal changes. The KPI number in the tile of the application indicates the number of open legal changes. With this application, users from the customers can search for legal changes, for example, by countries or application components, specify whether the legal change is relevant to his or her business and the implementation status in the customer systems, plan corresponding activities based on information available in the application like planned release date, complexity, manual activity. Please note that the current report (alias "legalchanges") will be discontinued by April 30th, 2016.

Further Information

  • To get an overview of our solutions: Global Solutions Without Boundaries in the updated version .
  • To know all details about Unicode:
  • To depict information about all country versions and translations provided by SAP and its partners: Worldmap


For detailed information on popular internationalization topics, see following eBooks and other information sources:

*On this site, the term "country" is used for convenience only and does not necessarily infer the existence of a nation state.

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