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Serving Your Digital Audience

Digital audiences depend on individually customizable delivery channels for information and entertainment. Content is no longer enough. To grow market share, you must manage the relationship to each individual and satisfy specific needs.

Mass media brands rank among the most respected brands today, and their reach has a lot to do with the economic growth of the last century. Exclusive ownership of quality content was key to success along with creating compelling content, which continues to be your core competency.

The adoption of connected mobile devices creates new market dynamics. Digital audience members are not willing to pay top price for content alone. To succeed, you must anticipate their demand for specific solutions to personal needs. So you must package your content assets into services that offer the right information in the right context at the right time. That means you must assume ownership of the relationship with the individual consumer. Only then you can sell advertising and further monetize the audience.

You also need to act quickly ‒ big aggregators are striving to monopolize the digital media market and reduce premium content providers to commodity suppliers. In short, you must transform your company from a content-centric business to an audience-centric business. Companies of all sizes in the media industry are using SAP solutions to manage digital media audiences and power corporate growth.

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