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IT Transformation Services

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Ausgabe Q4/2011

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IT Transformation Services (ITTS) concentrates on helping CIOs provide the best IT support to their businesses. Clustered in the three areas of Structural Transformation Services, Operational Transformation Services (OTS), Technology Transformation Services, their services help IT organizations to accelerate change, improve quality and reduce costs across the application lifecycle.

Structural Transformation Services optimize the system landscape while minimizing business disruption for companies engaged in mergers, acquisitions or restructuring initiatives, resulting in a lean setup and agility. With Structural Transformation Services one can e.g. consolidate IT landscapes after mergers and acquisitions. And also manage SAP landscape better with a solid roadmap and architecture, and strategy design services.

Operational Transformation Services optimize operations for SAP software-centric landscapes and establish a disciplined approach to application lifecycle management that enables improved change processes while reducing testing time. Operational Transformation Services help to build operational plans for the company's systems and applications to reduce costs. Operational Transformation Services offer expert support to establish standards and procedures for the company that keep costs low. They can also reduce testing cycles or the need for testing resources by using automated systems that are reliable and accurate.

Technology Transformation Services create technology and architecture strategies enabled by specific software implementations designed to support business strategy. These services realize "state of the art" technology, enabling functionality and hence can cut IT Infrastructure costs. In addition, by moving away from a siloed IT infrastructure, Technology Transformation Services support in becoming more agile in a mobile and virtualized environment.