The fastest growing database also has a 97% customer satisfaction rating… Are you ready to build solutions that run better with SAP Sybase Databases?

Smart database technology can help you build products that sell while providing a lower TCO to your customers. Build technically superior products, with database solutions from SAP Sybase.

Learn about SAP Sybase ASE and why you should be building applications on this database. Watch now.

Why SAP Sybase Database?

SAP Sybase has been the leader in creating specialized database solutions to fit unique business needs. SAP Sybase solutions have:

  • A 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Are in use by over 30,000 customers worldwide
  • 90% of the top 50 banks and security firms use Sybase
  • Wall Street has recognized it as the #1 database solution for several years (source Waters 2012)

You can leverage one of these industry-leading solutions to write mission-critical transactional applications, store and analyze data, or embed the database directly into an application or onto a mobile device to enhance and complement solutions you build for your customers. Designed to work seamlessly with SAP, third-party, and custom applications, our database management systems can help your customers make smarter decisions and drive operational efficiencies across their organizations.

Build Your Solutions on SAP Sybase & Win Big…

Our database solutions leverage in-memory, cloud, and mobile technologies – for instant answers to complex queries, with rock-solid reliability, and at a reduced cost. With SAP Sybase solutions, you can:

  • Scale: Support millions of transactions per minute with terabyte-size databases
  • Maximize performance: With extreme transaction processing (XTP) and gain real-time insight, all delivered with anytime, anywhere access to mission-critical information
  • Deliver: high performance with in-memory databases
  • Synchronize: mobile devices with all major databases in your enterprise
  • Minimize: costs by managing data in the cloud
  • Embed: databases for broad distribution with your applications

Our Database Solutions

The combined innovation and expertise of SAP and Sybase is redefining the database market and helping customers turn data into a competitive advantage. Select the database below that suits your needs:

SAP Sybase ASE

  • Best TCO
  • 30,000 customers worldwide
  • Best for extreme transaction processing systems that need to support concurrent users with ultra-fast, nonstop performance on cost-effective, standards-based platforms

SAP Sybase IQ

  • Best TCO
  • State of the art columnar database with a massive data compression functionality
  • Ranked in the Leaders Quadrant by Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012
  • Best for big data analytics in the real world. With 10 to 100 times faster performance than other traditional database and Hadoop integration, SAP Sybase IQ delivers the performance your customers demand for terabytes and petabytes of data

Sybase SQL Anywhere

  • 10 million deployments with over 20k developers, 12k customers, 1,000 ISVs
  • Create powerful, data driven applications that run remotely on mobile devices
  • Best for keeping data synchronized with thousands of mobile devices or remote offices, so that all business users can access vital data – anytime, anywhere

Sybase Replication Server

  • Recognized as a leading replication product by both Gartner and Forrester
  • 18+ years of solid reliability and support, over 2,800 customers
  • Best for moving and synchronizing data across the enterprise to meet a host of competing needs in the enterprise such as guaranteed data delivery, real-time business intelligence and zero operational downtime