SAP for Oil and Gas

Prudent Supply of the World’s Energy

Reliable access to energy sources is driving world economic growth and elevating the standard of living of the burgeoning middle classes. To maintain this growth, prudent development of oil and gas resources is key.

Prudent and cost-effective development of all available energy resources provides a foundation for economic growth and helps the world run better. This requires coordinated planning, development, and operation of complex capital-intensive programs and assets across a full range of regulators, resource owners, investors, partners, suppliers, and ultimately energy consumers.

To be effective, energy enterprises must adapt quickly to changing market and regulatory dynamics, while maintaining a long-term investment and operating outlook. So exactly how is this accomplished?

By gaining insight into opportunities and risks across the enterprise’s full capital and asset portfolio to enable effective planning. And by executing capital and operating plans flexibly and flawlessly, while providing transparency and encouraging stakeholder engagement.

Find out how leading energy companies are taking advantage of SAP solutions to supply the world's energy needs prudently. Join the family and become a best-run energy company.


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