SAP xApps

Providing Innovative Business Processes

SAP xApps are packaged composite applications that enable continuous business innovation -- and provide the flexibility necessary to respond quickly and profitably to business change without disrupting existing IT investments.

SAP xApps span multiple solutions, departments, and organizations to leverage existing IT systems and ease future integration. They also allow quick reconfiguration to accommodate new business structures, processes, and customer and partner requirements. And they deliver new collaborative capabilities across the enterprise in a role-based portal environment.

The growing portfolio of SAP xApps products from SAP and SAP xApps partners includes composite applications to drive specialized business processes across a variety of industries:

The SAP xApps portfolio combines Web services and data from multiple systems in an application design facilitated by the SAP Composite Application Framework (CAF) on the SAP NetWeaver technology platform. SAP CAF includes the methodology, tools, and runtime environment to develop and run composite applications. It provides a consistent object model and a rich user experience, and gives developers a productive way to create composite applications on top of a set of heterogeneous applications.