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Accessibility allows everyone, including those with disabilities, to use and make the most of technology and information products. And creating accessible solutions is a top priority for SAP.

SAP's Commitment to Accessibility

SAP has developed an internal accessibility compliance plan to enable individuals with disabilities to use SAP solutions. As part of this plan, we have established the Accessibility Competence Center to:

SAP's Approach

SAP uses a phased approach to solution accessibility. When working to create accessible solutions, we first address the functions with the most demand — to bring maximum benefit quickly to the most people. We look for ways to incorporate accessibility into future releases and newly developed areas of SAP solutions. And we re-examine solutions developed before the introduction of accessibility standards and laws — developing updated versions of existing product components to allow accessibility.

To ensure accessibility of the SAP NetWeaver platform and the mySAP Business Suite family of adaptive solutions, SAP created the SAP Accessibility Standard. This software and Web-application standard is based on applicable Section 508 requirements and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) Priority A and partially AA. New development at SAP must adhere to this standard, which has been integrated into SAP's product innovation life cycle.

More Information

SAP Design Guild Edition on Accessibility Published: In the twelfth edition of the SAP Design Guild, you will get an overview on the current situation around accessibility in the world regarding legislation, standards and technologies, and it will also give you an insight on SAP's standpoint towards these developments all over the world. Go to the Accessibility edition.

Accessible solutions combine application software, operating systems, assistive technologies, and defined implementation. For detailed information or in case you have any questions please send an e-mail via