SAP for Life Sciences

Patient-Centered Life Sciences Network

Healthcare is rapidly evolving. Life sciences companies are increasingly seeking to improve outcomes and focus on the patient and caregiver. Networked capability across disciplines is essential to achieving economies of scale globally.

You need to know how patients and physicians respond to your products. Are doctors writing prescriptions for them, and are patients completing the therapies?

Don’t forget about securing your supply chain. Can you trace all excipients and active ingredients from source to dispense?

A well-trained sales force that represents your products accurately is essential. Is yours maximizing time with physicians and clearly articulating your value differentiators?

Do you have visibility into your financial systems? Can you optimize transfer pricing and tax liability? And can you analyze costs and profitability across product lines?

Can you efficiently manage externalization and associated objectives, collaborations, and risks?

Are your plants efficient? Are you using assets at capacity and maintaining them to ensure future supply and revenue?

Changes in demographics, industry regulations, reimbursement models, and technologies drive new operating models and marketing strategies. Your goal is to improve outcomes for patients. Achieving this simple goal requires building networks across the value chain, from researchers developing new drugs to caregivers tending patients.

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