SAP for Retail

Engaging with the Connected Customer

Customers today are savvy, fickle, and demanding. How do retailers grow profitably in these challenging times? By transforming the business to deliver unified, personalized customer experiences that engage and drive loyalty.

Connected customers are redefining the shopping experience. A vast majority of all purchases begin on a PC. Furthermore, most consumers want to be digitally engaged in their future shopping experiences. Expectations have never been higher for retailers to deliver shopping experiences through online channels, mobile technology, and social networks.

Yet, this change is taking place where the brick-and-mortar store still accounts for most of the transactions. And even though some of these transactions start elsewhere, they’re still completed in the physical store. Innovative retailers are taking the lead to turn these storefronts to an integration hub of mobile, social, and digital retailing trends.

To remain relevant, retailers need to provide localized and personalized interactions with compelling choices. Furthermore, the store experience must evolve to attract and keep customers. A fresh view of connected customer engagement is necessary to create differentiated value.

Leading retailers are utilizing SAP technology and software to deliver personalized customer experiences, as well as increasing operating efficiencies to reduce costs and run better.


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