SAP for Aerospace and Defense

Navigating the Changing Aerospace and Defense Environment

Globalization, the world economy, and shrinking defense budgets conspire to disrupt the aerospace and defense landscape. Leading aerospace and defense firms must rise to meet these challenges, streamlining their operations while continuing to innovate.

Now more than ever, it is clear that change is coming to the aerospace and defense industry. From defense contractors anticipating significant budget cuts to commercial airframe manufacturers preparing to scale up due to massive backlogs, companies must operate with increased precision, flexibility, and speed.

Charting a course that leads to efficiency gains is critical. Indeed, the imperative to improve the core disciplines of designing, building, and selling products certainly remains. However, today’s aerospace and defense firms also need to seize opportunities in the service and aftermarket space internationally, perhaps even including new markets that have been entirely unexplored.

So responding rapidly to an ever-changing world is key, and ensuring you have the platform that enables innovative ideas to be brought to market quickly is a given.

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