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Delivering Client Value Profitably

Clients are more demanding than ever. To grow profitably, professional services firms must align every aspect of their operations to deliver consistent quality and high-value services to their clients.

Clients want their services provider to offer competitive prices and to be "glocal" – striking a balance between a local presence and a global reach for efficient internal operations and excellent client service. Externally, firms are taking advantage of labor arbitrage to reduce costs while maintaining standard practices and shared learning around the globe.

People are a firm’s number-one asset. Clients demand that the best people are assigned to their projects. Whether they're involved in the sales process or the actual project, clients want to work with experts who have the specific knowledge to address the issue at hand.

Clients also want to choose how to solve their problems, who collaborates on them, and how to charge for solving them. The “consumerization” of IT means clients are demanding more standardized services on one hand and services packaged and delivered as solutions on the other.

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