SAP for Mining

Safe and Economic Mineral Production

Mining companies need to address the key challenges of commodity price volatility, operational efficiency, and environment and safety. This requires a robust foundation of integrated IT and operations technology.

The mining industry is under constant turmoil of price and demand volatility. This has resulted in companies being more cautious in their capital-project decisions, and inclined to engage in cost-reduction initiatives.

One way to achieve cost reduction is by enhancing efficiencies in production, maintenance, and inventory management for maintenance, repair, and overhaul operations. Leading mining companies have embarked on “digital mining” initiatives to attain an integrated application landscape for a seamless information flow.

Due to lower production costs and relatively easier reserves, there is an increased focus on growth areas such as West Africa, Mongolia, and Vietnam. Growth in these areas, as well as increasing merger and acquisitions activity, necessitates scalability and robustness of information systems.

The outsourcing of various kinds of mining operations and maintenance services has been growing rapidly. Hiring, work-quality monitoring, access control, and payments to subcontractors are important challenges that need to be handled holistically.


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