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Satisfied users who enjoy the user experience (UX) provided by our solutions is our highest goal.

We have established three main information portals that help you gather the information you need about the user experience of SAP products. Whether you are more focused on technical information, business needs, design tips or just want to share your thoughts with others, one of these three information portals below will help you.

SAP UX Community

The SAP User Experience Community is a place where customers and interested parties can openly exchange ideas and knowledge about design and user experience. Here visitors can learn more about design as well as what SAP is doing to improve the user experience of its software. For example, you can find more about SAP’s UX strategy, design services and SAP Fiori.

We encourage developers, business experts as well as design professionals to learn about design and join the conversation. We strive to provide interesting content about design for absolute beginners as well as seasoned experts. The site is open to everyone, and members can share with each other and connect with SAP on this topic.


SAP UX Explorer

SAP UX Explorer provides a holistic overview of SAP's user interface and user experience offerings with a focus on technologies and their relationships to each other.  The SAP UX Explorer provides an overview of the innovations, technologies, and services that can be used to improve user-friendliness. It points out their potential value and provides information about the specific benefits of individual components, and how they could be adopted in customer environments.

Whereas the SAP UX Explorer focusses on technical aspects of the UX space, the SAP Innovation Discovery tool reveals which application innovations offer UX improvements.


SAP Innovation Discovery

With this new offering, you can find developments from the SAP Business Suite presented in a comprehensive way: Explore the flexible access with multiple drill-down options based on your current interest, use the powerful search or even include usage data from your systems to the analysis. As a result, you will obtain detailed information which support your decision making when implementing new functionality.

Here you can find the application aspects of the UX space, whereas the SAP UX Explorer focuses on the technical aspects.