Performance and scalability

Performance – sizing – benchmarks

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Performance and scalability are fundamental characteristics of standard software in general. The most important indicators for performance are response time and data throughput.

It is expected that a system behaves in a predictable manner when throughput rises. The precondition for this behavior is that the system, that is, software and hardware, are scalable. When an IT system is scalable, it is possible to perform adequate sizing. During sizing of the hardware, the necessary resources are determined for performance-critical business processes to run smoothly.

SAP Standard Application Benchmarks results illuminate the scalability and manageability of large installations and help customers and partners to find the appropriate hardware configuration for their IT solutions.

Performance refers to the total effectiveness of a computer system, including throughput, individual response time, and availability.


Sizing means determining the hardware requirements of an SAP solution such as network bandwidth, physical memory, CPU power, and I/O capacity.


SAP Standard Application Benchmarks help customers and partners find the appropriate hardware configuration for their IT solutions.


Bechmark information for SAP partners (Access for SAP partners only)