June 26, 2018:
The SAP Service Marketplace will be retired

Content on this website either found a new home or has become obsolete. The portal's main navigation will therefore be removed.

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Need technical support?

SAP Support Portal
SAP サポートポータル

Where Business Applications, Analytics, and Sybase customers find solution and platform support, including software download, license key requests, incident management, and SAP Notes database.

Support for other products

Note: SAP Business All-in-One customers receive support through their SME Partner.
SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Cloud for Customer, and SAP Cloud for Travel and Expenses customers can reach SAP Support via their application's help function or sme.sap.com.

Contact SAP Support

For non-technical assistance, contact your SAP Local Support Center by phone, e-mail or chat.

Report an incident if you require technical assistance for your SAP software.

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Top Search Terms

Best practices SAP Best Practices are developed to help companies of all sizes benefit from proven business best practices for a wide range of processes and topics.

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 | EHP8 Enhancement packages deliver new functionality which can be activated selectively via business functions.

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 | HANA Analyze big data at the speed of thought and drive rapid innovation with SAP's in-memory platform SAP HANA.

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 | Notes SAP Notes describe a technical problem resolution.

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 | PAM The Product Availability Matrix houses product information (availability, end of maintenance dates, release information, ...).

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 | Passport SAP Passport enables certificate-based, single sign-on mechanism.

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 | Quick Sizer The Quick Sizer tool calculates CPU, disk, memory and I/O resource categories, and the number of users working with the different SAP solutions in a hardware and database independent format.

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 | Road maps Solution road maps cover innovations that focus on business solutions.
Product road maps describe how feature and function capabilities of an SAP product or technology are planned to progress over time.

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 | SAP GUI SAP GUI is SAP's universal client for accessing SAP functionality in SAP applications.

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 | SAPCAR SAPCAR is a compress utility that is used to compress and decompress many SAP software files.

Learn more in SAP Note 212876.
 | SAProuter SAProuter provides a remote connection between the customer's network and SAP.

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 | SEPA SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area payment-integration initiative of the European Union.

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 | Single sign-on Achieve a high level of security through certificate-based authentication and single sign-on procedures.

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 | Solution Manager SAP Solution Manager is the central, integrated end-to-end platform to accelerate innovation, manage the application lifecycle and run SAP centric solutions.

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